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Interactive installation, 3x5x3m.

Sugar, thread, foam rubber, wooden frames. 300x500x300 cm. Final exhibition of the competition “MYXI”, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2015.


The idea appeared because of the feeling of being in a corner. We count, we do, we work and we are looking for but nothing changes. The project consists of three parts: "Abacus", "Dial" and "Dice Game". Sugar bones, hung on strings in a horizontal position, resemble an abacus, but it becomes absurd because they can move only at a predetermined distance by the node. I use sugar because it exists as an attractive simple element that often appears in our daily lives, but it can easily be turned into excess overdose. An offer to play Dice with sugar cubes addresses the absurdity in which we often appear wasting time, situations and opportunities.

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