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The artist determines the limits of his activity, what is needed to express and implement an idea, and how far could he go in this...



Magic Carpets #4

The myth of Corviale. Performance with the local inhabitants. June 2021.

Terra Mater. Latitudo Art Projects. Corviale. Rome, Italy.
The word forms the text that we need to keep living and spread to make it visible. It is like a seed that we need to sow and grow to gather the harvest. That's why the plants and the soil became materials of this performance. The amphitheatre as the meeting point of past and present, of the visible and invisible, became the place of the final presentation. The central part of this work is formed from the conversations and meetings with the inhabitants of Corviale. It was an opportunity to talk to them, to feel how they create the real myth… All the dialogues have become the audio part of the final performance accompanying the mutual collaborative actions.



Діалог | Dialogue

​Video performance. March-July 2020.

Lviv, Ukraine - Ponteilla, France.

The project is a collaboration with Barbara Le Béguec Friedman (France).

“After meeting in France, at the art space Espace o25rjj in Loupian in November 2019, we noticed a striking similarity in our worldviews, the way we understand the world, parallels in symbolism and echoes in our artistic practices..." (BLBF).

The period of covid19 pandemic confinement has initiated our "Dialogue". It consisted of the everyday video performances which were filmed by ourselves. The project became a research of the distance and space, the border between the individual and the public sphere, an exploration of the invisible.

​The Book "Діалог | Dialogue" (226 pages, in French/Ukrainian languages) is the result of a 100-day action-video exchange. It contains captures of video performances and presentation text.

For more information about the book, please contact here.

Korsak's Museum

Dialogue Exhibition. October 2020.

Video visit of the exhibition.

​​Lutsk, Ukraine.

After the first period of long-distance collaboration, the Dialogue project continued. Barbara came to Ukraine and we got an opportunity to work together at the same time and in space. In October 2020, we had the chance to present our research in the Korsak's Museum. It contributed to the release of the book Dialogue and allowed us to develop our conversation in the form of installations, art objects, photos and the display of selected video performances.


Video documentation. October 21, 2020.
Korsak's Museum, Lutsk, Ukraine.
Wooden board, sand, black scotch.
All actions took place around one point... The feeling of distance, walking along the curve, time which is directly related to the general idea of ​​the exhibition are enhanced by being in the centre of the spiral.

Dzyga Gallery

Exhibition during Перформанс Симпозіум (Performance Art Symposium).

December 2020 - January 2021.

Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.

"Any new experience can potentially be a source of content and a way to learn if we are able to adapt to it…" (BLBF).

The project Dialogue began as an experiment but it continues as duration, research and cognition.

A new exhibition based on the project Dialogue has been chosen as the framework for the Performance Art Symposium, an initiative of the Institute of Actual Art with the support of the GO Virmenska 35, Lviv City Council in partnership with the Institute of Cultural Strategy and hosted by Dzyga gallery.