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"Performance is a contact with public...

       ... it is a self-immersive presence..."

Untitled.  Prezent performance. Flander Festiwal. Gdansk. Poland. Photo M Jurkowski



When birds settle in the house

.Performance, 2023.
Atelier 213, Federação, Salvador, Brazil.  Photo W. Da Silva

Translation J. Pereira
Window, cord, clothespins, street, local sky.
The sky is so wide, and it is so hard (...)
We are looking for a place again
For birds that fell out of the nest (...)
Horizons are curved, slanted, twisted, torn, broken.
And how can we keep it?
Horizon (...)
And the birds live upstairs in this house.
We all sometimes have an unexpected neighbour (...)



How long can I stay on one leg?

Performance. September, 2023.
John David Mooney Foundation. Chicago, USA.  Photo J. Gannon

What does it mean "one leg"?

What are we thinking about or imagining when we hear this phrase?

Is it about sides and directions, the right or the left?

Do we visualize a body with one leg or without the leg?

Is it possible to accept this absence or separation?

How often do we deal with that?

You do not need to be in a country where there is a war

to have a feeling of being on one leg,

of standing on one leg

looking for the moment to catch the equilibrium.

I'm not talking just about a physical body.

There is a lot about respect and something new for us today,

which is not new for humanity,

just new for contemporary us, people.

We have to learn how to create support,

how to keep the balance today,

how we become a little more grounded tomorrow.

Big-scale games

Performance. July 2023
“Stories. The world is more complicated than our truths about it”. Mazovian Museum in Plock, Poland. Images: M. Drigotas, J. Michalska-Iwankiewicz.

​1 metal bucket, 20kg of sand for children's playground.

In a room that looks like an aquarium, I look at people. I look up and my gaze stops on the sky limited by the lines. We are like a fish but in a cage. I try to move confidently in the borrowed shoes – the rhythm is uneven and tired. The rhythm of a washed ashore fish. 

Maybe we can play together in this sandbox? I throw up the sand and it hits the ground loudly. I throw up the sand and everyone around is dissatisfied and confused. It “flies” from the sky to the ground and people run away... "We are having fun!!!!!  Oh, we're having so much fun!!!”

Does it matter?

Performance, March 2023.

BIFPA´23, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

​4 buckets with sand, bicycle, red high-heeled shoes, echo, poem, sky, window as a cage, memories.

Hovering above the ground.

The sun is in pixels.

There is no echo in this space.

Coordinates are as a key.

When you lie down,

when you lose your balance...

You move as long as the ground is

Sand flies into the sky and returns back Everything returns back.

¨Does it matter? -losing your legs?...

...Does it matter? -losing your sight?...

...Do they matter? -lthose dreams from the pit?...¨ (extract from a poem by S. Sassoon)

Dreams when I was a kid.