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"Performance is a contact with public...

       ... it is a self-immersive presence..."

Untitled.  Prezent performance. Flander Festiwal. Gdansk. Poland. Photo M Jurkowski


Does it matter?

Performance, March 2023.

BIFPA´23, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

​4 buckets with sand, bicycle, red high-heeled shoes, echo, poem, sky, window as a cage, memories.

Hovering above the ground.

The sun is in pixels.

There is no echo in this space.

Coordinates are as a key.

When you lie down,

when you lose your balance...

You move as long as the ground is

Sand flies into the sky and returns back Everything returns back.

¨Does it matter? -losing your legs?...

...Does it matter? -losing your sight?...

...Do they matter? -lthose dreams from the pit?...¨ (extract from a poem by S. Sassoon)

Dreams when I was a kid.



My impersonal story

Performance, November 2022,

We are all connected. Migration Museum, Lewisham, London, UK.

Borrowed shoes, speaker, audio record of a conversation with my father about our relatives, storytelling.

Each personal story goes beyond the limits of an individual when it becomes spoken, recorded, documented.

Following the history of a single person, we discover a considerable amount of geographical, historical, and cultural revelations that begin to exist on a collective level. 

Each story also reveals the people´s connections that exist, were, or are forming. 

Finally, each of us can ask ourselves: "What about my own story?"

Wolę swoje buty

I prefer my shoes. Performance, November 2022.

Kolo czasu.Torun, Poland.

​Water, borrowed shoes, talking, adhesive tape, dance.



Group performance in collaboration with N. Lisova, V. Kaufman, V. Topiy, Y. Shtaida, November 2022,
Ukraine! Unmuted. Ukranian Cross-section Triennial. Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania.
Role of paper, microphone, bicycle.
The performance took place at Laisvės al. in front of the Post office building. It lasted for 1h. These were our stories about the path, about our way today, in 2022.
¨...Experiences of distance, metaphorical, emotional, physical impasse seep through us.
...The shell dissolves, rubs off, peels off, and the space is filled with a memory that has no limits, no borders, no time...¨ - extract from the common concept.