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Untitled.  Prezent performance. Flander Festiwal. Gdansk. Poland. Photo M Jurkowski

"Performance is a contact with public...

       ... it is a self-immersive presence..."



We won´t have enough weeks to say everyone´s names...

Performance, LOVEvolutionLIFEvolution. Blurborders 2022. BACC, Bangkok / Thailand - Lviv, Ukraine (online)

In a world, where everyone is in hurry, how to spell the deaths, thousand, dozens of thousands of deaths fast?

To Heal the Wound

Series of 3 performances, July 2022,

We will Leave Our Shape Behind. Magic Carpets Landed. Aveiro, Portugal.

1. Sea salt, 15m of red tissue, water from the channel, water from the ocean.

2. Anchor, rope, water trace.

3. Sea salt, bucket, salty water, brush, writing, text. Video



Local am I

with the anchor

A local place

is where the anchor is placed

My place searches for a stable trace.

But the wet spot disappears

But the line on me appears

As a trace of the past

As the hope, the present lasts

¨I am here¨.



Filtering the border

Performance, July 2022,

Streifen. Gorlitz, Germany / Zgorzelec, Poland.

Bridge, orange rope, water from the river, water from the border, water that draws the border, border, vertical.


Memory shelter

Performance, June 2022,

FLOW. Out of Site. Lviv, Ukraine (online).

Walk, writing, coordinates, story, my native district, crossbar.