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My art and research practice focuses on the concept of presence expressed through the body and the visual sign it creates. I am interested in presence as a manifestation of the "here and now", the spoken and unsaid, what we say out loud and what remains between the lines. Physical absence, invisibility, death, emptiness, fullness, memory are not signs of the past, they are about the present, this is how we feel life more strongly. 

I explore the moment when a personal story, a private gesture goes beyond the individual and begins to exist on a collective level. The body is covered with signs: everything leaves a mark, an imprint on it. At the same time, the ephemerality of touch becomes a logical and expressive way to describe contemporary life and our presence in it, what is and what is not. 

The fluidity and changeability of the performance resonate with the "disappearing body", which is similar to the light signal of a lighthouse. When the message is sent, the sign materialises, changes into another form, becomes a document. 

I use performance, painting, installation, photo and video documentation as media. My artworks often feature found objects as a way of speaking about presence through invisible stories. My research also leads me to create paintings, spatial objects and installations that resonate with my performances.

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