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"...The relation between space,

object and people..."



Rust and blood

Installation created in collaboration with Barbara Le Béguec Friedman.

Entraigues sur Tuyieller, France. 2022. 

Photo. Y. Shumska

Rusty metal wine barrel tires, 2 rusty nails, thread, broken hammer, found objects. Exhibition took place at the wine-machines storage.

Inspired by the phrase of the French poet François Fabié “La sève des printemps jaillit des feulles mortes” (Spring sap springs from dead leaves).

To Heal the Wound

Installation, We will Leave Our Shape Behind. MagicCarpets Landed. Aveiro,Portugal. 2022. 

“To Heal the Wound is linked to the context and the contemporary events as the destruction of a salt factory in Ukraine by Russian troops. Salt is also a metaphor to express her condition of an artist leaving in war time. Salt water is expressing the knots of human transport across seas and oceans, the knots of war, of labor, of ethnic cleansing. Salt is a material to heal wounds but at the same time it hurts, leaving permanent marks. The idea was to make a cycle of performances linked one to the other, closely related to the general concept of the exhibition. At the end of the first performance the artist left in Capitania an object that contained the permanent trace of the Salt.”

B. Carpi de Resmini



It hurts

Installation. Bandage, glue. 270x300 cm. Project “Cell”. Memorial museum of Lontsky Prison, Lviv, Ukraine. 2015. 

The idea of the installation “It hurts" appeared because of the context of the place. The invisible tension of the prison where hundreds of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish people were murdered still gives the feeling of wounds even if the cells, rooms and corridors are empty and open nowadays.

Time calculations

Interactive installation. Sugar, thread, foam rubber, wooden frames. 300x500x300 cm. The final exhibition of the competition “Myxi”, Institute of Contemporary Art problems. Kyiv, Ukraine. 2015. 

The idea appeared because of the feeling of being in a corner. We count, we do, we work and we are looking for something but nothing changes. The project consists of three parts: "Abacus", "Dial" and "Dice Game". Sugar bones hung on strings in a horizontal position resemble an abacus. It becomes absurd because they can move only at a predetermined distance by the node. I use sugar because it is as an attractive simple element that often appears in our daily lives, but it can easily be turned into excess overdose. An offer to play Dice with sugar cubes addresses the absurdity in which we often appear wasting time and opportunities.



And then...?

Installation. White chalk, stairs. 

Castle in Zhovkva. Zhovkva, Ukraine. 2014

This installation appeared as a result of a performative action that was a homage to human life when time only divides us from his presence.