"...The relation between space,

object and people..."



It hurts

Installation. Bandage, glue. 270x300 cm. Project “Cell”. Memorial museum of Lontsky Prison, Lviv, Ukraine. 2015. 

The idea of the installation “It hurts" appeared because of the context of the place. The invisible tension of the prison where hundreds of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish people were murdered still gives the feeling of wounds even if the cells, rooms and corridors are empty and open nowadays.

Time calculations

Interactive installation. Sugar, thread, foam rubber, wooden frames. 300x500x300 cm. The final exhibition of the competition “Myxi”, Institute of Contemporary Art problems. Kyiv, Ukraine. 2015. 

The idea appeared because of the feeling of being in a corner. We count, we do, we work and we are looking for something but nothing changes. The project consists of three parts: "Abacus", "Dial" and "Dice Game". Sugar bones hung on strings in a horizontal position resemble an abacus. It becomes absurd because they can move only at a predetermined distance by the node. I use sugar because it is as an attractive simple element that often appears in our daily lives, but it can easily be turned into excess overdose. An offer to play Dice with sugar cubes addresses the absurdity in which we often appear wasting time and opportunities.



And then...?

Installation. White chalk, stairs. 

Castle in Zhovkva. Zhovkva, Ukraine. 2014

This installation appeared as a result of a performative action that was a homage to human life when time only divides us from his presence.

ЦЕмісЦЕ (This place)

Project CrossArt. Primus Gallery,

Lviv, Ukraine. 31.07 – 06.08.2014.

In collaboration with Wolodymyr Topiy

“Clay walls create utensils, but its usefulness is in the empty middle. Everything consists in what is it, but the benefit is in what is not” Lao Tzu. 

This gallery has its own life, seven years of existence in the history of Lviv, it has its own residents, spectators and visitors. This place combines the filling and the emptiness, old and new, history and modernity, certain restrictions and freedom. 

Involuntarily or consciously, everyone gets to a certain place. The place has its purpose, its features, secrets, gaps and content, entrances and exits, surroundings, people… People create places and destroy them, make them sacred, uninhabited, the center and periphery, everything and nothing.





In between

Installation. Paper, plate, fibril, water. 300x300x300 cm.

Skoky, Poland. 2013. 

The water from the plate was put into the paper. How long will it stay there without changes? What appears in between? This is the research of the time and space that exist between these two objects.

One way movement

Wooden ladder, sand, photos. 500x500x500 cm.

Rotunda Gallery, Poznan, Poland. 2013. 

The object transforms due to human presence. It becomes dynamic. It gets its history, the beginning and the end.




​5 ladders, painting, scupture.

Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine. 2012.

The installation was presented as Master Diploma work at the final exhibition in the Lviv National Academy of Art.