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"...The situations and ideas born in the

process of work are the most valuable..."



Perform Yourself

Workshops with the teenagers.

8-29 June 2022. Artistic Council "Dialogue". Pidzamche district, Lviv, Ukraine.

The goal of the project was to talk to teenagers who shape our tomorrow and our future today.

This idea appeared before the 24th of February. We wanted to give the graduates of 2022 who spent the last two years in isolation because of covid-19 a space to express themselves. And we decided to do this project here and now because it is even more valuable today. At the end of the project, everyone presented their ideas in the form of individual performance.

Performance art became a tool to take a step toward fears, insecurities, and internal and external experiences. Very different people came to see the results of the creative work - parents and representatives of the creative community of Lviv, random passers-by, and residents of Pidzamche.




Magic Carpets #4

Workshops with the local inhabitants.

14-16 May 2021.

Terra Mater. Latitudo Art Projects.

Corviale. Rome, Italy.

Corviale is a building, district or even city in the city that has an incredible soul. Sometimes it is grey, sometimes colourful, loud and silent, with pain and full of joy... Corviale has a lot of contrast that can not leave anyone indifferent... It is a place of truth, and it inspires.



Архів: На місці | Archive: At the place


November - December 2020.

In collaboration with Iryna Kharlamova. Online residency. Ukraine. 2020

We meet each other and we create a dialogue, we talk. The like-minded and opposed thoughts, ideas and energy move the process to progress. 

Special conditions of the residence, due to its virtuality, united six participants ( Anton Kariuk, Volodymyr Topiy, group Zabih, Natalia Lisova, Yuriy Shtaida, Valentyna Petrova), and their presence led to the emergence of works with different contexts, experiences and interactions. Such situations go beyond one residency and build a precondition for new artistic collaborations.

The residency initiated an online platform "Archive: performance art of Ukraine".


1 hour of performance


18 December 2020

Gallery LNAM, Lviv, Ukraine.

The event is a result of the students’ work during the lectures in the optional course "Fundamentals of Performance Art" in the Lviv National Academy of Art. Performance as an art form that directly interacts with time caused the title of the event.

It is an open laboratory that gives an occasion to interact with the audience, to feel the energy that accumulates at the moment of the contact with the public.




Kilograms of the memory

11 November -  1 December 2019

Thanks to the mobility program I-Portunus, I got an opportunity to present the project ‘Kilograms of the memory’ in three countries: France (Espace o25rjj, Loupian), Germany (PAErsche, Cologne), Poland (Dom Kultury, Torun).

The project consisted of the art residency, performance art research and lectures about performance art in Ukraine. 

“The time abroad was inspiring, because here you are caught in a certain cycle of work and responsibilities. Being in a new environment allows you to look at the world from a different perspective”.