"Performance is a contact with public...

       ... it is a self-immersive presence..."



Salt is in the air

Photo documentation.

Asiatopia. International performance art festival. Chiang Mai, Thailand. November, 2014.

Roof, 7 kg of salt, dress, puddle.

This territory is a source of salt in the region. The air is heavy, humid and salty here. This work emphasizes the feelings which appeared due to this place, being in it.


Photo documentation. November, 2014

International performance art festival “Asiatopia”. Bangkok,  Thailand.

Corner, gauze, hand cream, trace.

The stone in a hand

Photo documentation. October, 2014.

Spichlarz sztuki. Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Gauze, flag, stone from the pavement, tension, force, sound.


Photo documentation. October, 2014

Prezent performance. Flader festival. Gdansk, Poland.

Transparent film, wind, sea, look, touch.

Video documentation.

A chess play

Photo documentation. October, 2014.

Foreign workforce. After school special. Kunsthalle. Bergen, Norway.

The floor in the black and white cell, hand cream, 50 m of black elastic, tension, people’s participation, game. The floor of the gallery hall became a context of a game which caused the connections, tension and interaction with the public at the end.


Photo documentation. September, 2014

Gogolfest. Kyiv.

Gauze, hair, tree.

On the Lesia Ukrainka str.

Photo documentation. September, 2014

International performance art festival “Days of Performance Art in Lviv”.

Video documentation.

Text, round stone, sloping street, voice.

The 4 fragments from Lesya Ukrainka's poems were combined into a text which has formed a new context. Through juggling with the poem lines throughout the performance, a monologue of a modern person with a burden was created due to the ancient words.


Photo documentation.June, 2014

Performance Arsenal. Gallery Arsenal Elektrownia. Białystok, Poland.

Wooden brick, hair, measurement, traces of scratching.

Pamiec (Memory)

Photo documentation. May, 2014

Giartino. Torun, Poland.

Court, hexagonal tiles, graphite, write/erase. 

1-hour action was based on writing which is simultaneously an erasing. Each next letter, each next sound makes the previous one disappear.


Photo documentation. March, 2014

Video documentation.

Art festival “March cats”. Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

50m of black elastic, black dress, bench, trees, square.

Believe and Remember

Photo documentation. March, 2014

The Days of Taras Shevchenko in Ukraine. Castle in Zhovkva.  Zhovkva.

Stairs, white chalk, dates of the years, being on the knees.

This action was an attempt to look at the figure of Taras Shevchenko as a simple person that lived here 200 years ago. It was a homage to human life when only time divides us from his presence. 


Photo documentation. February, 2014

Video documentation.

Temporary exhibition. Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

Wooden frame, dress, flour, 2 footprints.




Double meaning

Photo documentation. December, 2013

International performance art festival ZAZ. Haifa, Israel.

Mirror, breath, touch, trace.

The trace of breath exists as a version of the real presence. It exists and it disappears. It talks but in he silence.

In the circle

Photo documentation. October, 2013

Grassomania. Gdansk. Poland .

16 wooden ladders of 60 cm long, rope, circle, sand.