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Untitled.  Prezent performance. Flander Festiwal. Gdansk. Poland. Photo M Jurkowski

"Performance is a contact with public...

       ... it is a self-immersive presence..."



Kilograms of the memory

"Kilograms of the memory" is a series of performances based on stories from my memories. The place is very inspiring, its context and light, the objects that are here. For several days, I worked on a papier-mache object in the workshop of "Espace o 25rjj" during the residency: it was a pillow that becomes a sign of memory that turns into a dream. This pillow is solid, it has an unalterable final shape that can only change with the presence of reality. "When I was little, I had a cushion with birds of which I dreamed of the horrors." Now I lie on a rusty bed and watch the birds flying in the endless sky.

International performance art festival “Kolo czasu”, Torun, Poland. December.

Coloured candies, sugar. 

The memories are good, sometimes horrible, sometimes sweet or even too sweet.

Kilograms of the memory

PAErsche, Cologne, Germany. 24 November

Gauze, lipstick, wall, trace.

Kilograms of the memory

Photos of the performance, November 15, 2019,

Video documentation.

Espace o25rjj, Loupian, France.

Yard, rusty bed, papier-mache pillow.


Performance. Video documentation, object. September 15, 2019.

II Biennale of Young Art. Kharkiv, Ukraine.

32 wooden ladders 60 cm long, circle, rope.

“The idea of the project appeared in Poznań during the Gaude Polonia scholarship program in 2013. Although the Revolution of Dignity began after the artist returned to Ukraine, the pressure and tension at that time seemed to be "present in the air". So the performance came out as an attempt to express a vague and incomprehensible sense of discomfort, and also as a result of studying the space - the rounded architecture of the Rotunda Gallery in Poznan. This project marks the transition link from space as an environment external to a person, to the environment into which a person is immersed” (D. Skrynnyk-Myska).